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Beyonce bought one…so naturally I had to play with it

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Coca-Cola Commercial

Finally saw the Coca-Cola commercial. It was beautiful. I have to say, im embarassed to see the backlash against it. I dont know if some people in this country have ever read a history book but America has always been and will always be a country of many cultures and nationalities, thats what makes us so great. Sooo if you dont like it get over it or leave.

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I just can’t today.

I was just a mess. To everyone. And everything. A total mess. An unkempt, socially defunct, walking disaster. I came into the day never having a chance and had to force myself through like a bullet through water as if I cared about anything other than being asleep. 

And then my amazing, firecracker-of-a-human-being cousin, Tommy, sent me this video. It’s a group of men performing a beautiful Icelanding hymn inside a German train station. ”Challenges you to find beauty in unexpected places”, he wrote. Of course this caused me to stare out of a window, lamenting my existence, and sob uncontrollably, because I am inconsolably depressed, but I welcomed it. 

This is what I need right now.

I am right there with you…I needed to listen to this

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San Gennaro festival!

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Second part of my portfolio for my spring summer inspiration! Thoughts?!

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Part of my new direction for my portfolio. What do you think?!

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